During the winter of 2014-2015, the Boston area received record amounts of snowfall which created in ice dams like we at Historic Homes had never seen before. These ice dams resulted in major interior water damage to a multitude of area homes. Insurance adjusters were stretched to the limit and could not keep up with the larger number of claims. Homeowners planning to sell their properties for the 2015 spring market were scrambling to make repairs in time to list. One of our sellers who was severely impacted needed to sell and did not want to miss the spring market. To make matters more complicated, the family had an important trip that could not be rescheduled. They asked for our help and in their absence we met with their insurance adjuster, over saw the water remediation, and hired contractors to execute the necessary work. During this process we suggested to the owners that, while we had the contractors booked, they should consider removing a wall in the kitchen to create a larger kitchen and family room space. We knew it would create added value when we listed the property and the homeowners agreed. While other homeowners were delayed because of the volume of claims, we completed the work in time to catch the second half of the spring market and the property went under agreement within 30 days!

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