July 4th is already at our doorsteps! We at Historic Homes want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful fun-filled summer.

Meanwhile, are you thinking about selling in the fall?  Here are some things to think about:

  • In order to begin this process, put on the buyer’s hat. Look at your home as if you were approaching this as an interested party.
  • Inspect the home for necessary repairs and engage the appropriate contractors. Replace broken or worn items. Even re-caulking/re-grouting tiles in baths and kitchens can go a long way!
  • Make the house sparkle – clean rugs, curtains, windows.
  • De-personalize, de-clutter and begin the staging process.
  • Improve your home’s curb appeal. Make the house pop from the street – it can be as simple as new plantings, fresh flowers and maintaining a luscious green lawn.

Finally, Historic Homes will gladly partner with you in this often stressful process. We are committed to delivering a marketable product day 1!

 We welcome you to our family at Historic Homes!