Micéal Chamberlain

In 1989 Micéal Chamberlain founded Historic Homes, one of the few independently owned residential real estate companies in the industry. Serving Brookline, Newton, and the Greater Boston area, Historic Homes has distinguished itself with expertise in residential renovation and restoration and is a unique resource for buyers and sellers of exceptional homes and estates. Under Chamberlain’s direction, Historic Homes has achieved record sale prices in both Brookline and Newton, while its annual sales numbers regularly surpass all local competitors on a per-broker basis.

Chamberlain, a native of County Clare, Ireland, holds a degree in Marketing and Management from Babson College. He began his career with the New England Patriots as Marketing/Promotions Director and later President of the Stadium Company. He gained important development experience working with a design/build company that specializes in residential restoration and space design. Micéal’s passion for the real estate business combined with his knowledge, skills, and 30+ years of experience make him an invaluable resource for buyers and sellers seeking an edge navigating the complexities of today’s luxury residential market.

Since 2005, Micéal has lived in Newton, which is also home to his eight grandchildren. For the 30 years prior, he lived in Brookline where he and his wife raised four boys.

Additional Information

Super Logo Bowl: The Design History of the Patriots and Seahawks
Fast Company
The Patriots designed a new logo in 1979. That design was created by Micéal Chamberlain, the Patriots’ marketing manager.

The Untold Story Behind the Patriots Logo
Fourteen years before Flying Elvis made his debut in 1993, the Patriots were already considering a very similar logo character. Let’s call him Proto-Elvis. We have to look at Proto-Elvis’ backstory. And to do that, we need to check in with a guy named Micéal Chamberlain, who was the Patriots’ marketing director back in 1979.

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